TCM presenter Ben Mankiewicz takes us behind the scenes of one of the biggest sets in Hollywood

Host George Edelman chats with Ben Mankiewicz and Julie Salamon over their podcast The plot gets thicker, and like Julie’s book The devil’s sweets is the best book on filmmaking … ever.

In this episode we talk about …

  • Details on The Plot Thickens
  • Why they made up their minds The devil’s sweets for the podcast
  • What everyone thought was going to happen during the filming Bonfire of the vanities vs. what actually happened
  • Why The devil’s sweets is the final adjustment of Campfire and why it shapes Tom Wolf’s novel
  • Define what is good and bad and why it is unrealistic and boring to name films that way
  • What makes the podcast the same but different than The devil’s sweets
  • The actors’ attitudes towards their portrayal in The devil’s sweets
  • Encouraging people to let more gray in their lives
  • Redefine mistakes and why difficult things are worth doing

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