Tarantino releases a trailer for the novel “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

If you loved the movie it would seem like you love the book.

The novel of Once upon a time in Hollywood will debut on Amazon this week and Tarantino is spoiling us with a teaser trailer promoting the novel.

The Once upon a time in Hollywood Roman will delve deep into the lives of Tarantino’s two protagonists, television actor Rick Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Booth, and the narrative will go both back and forth in time. That means we’ll see Rick at the highest heights of his career and maybe even get more information about Cliff’s wife.

We know Tarantino did a lot of research for this film, many of which didn’t make it into the final cut. It will be nice to see his dedication to the craft and the world shine through.

Tarantino said in a statement when announcing the book: “In the 1970s, film novels were the first adult books I read. And to this day I have a tremendous affection for the genre. As a fictional novel lover, I am proud to share with you Once upon a time in Hollywood, my contribution to this often marginalized but popular sub-genre of literature. I’m also looking forward to further exploring my characters and their world in a literary venture that (hopefully) can stand alongside its cinematic counterpart. ”

Check out the trailer for the book below.

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