Tarantino cut DiCaprio’s favorite scene from OUATIH

We all have our favorite scenes from one shoot, but they don’t always make the cut.

With the publication of the Once upon a time in Hollywood Romans makes Quentin Tarantino the rounds on podcasts and TV shows, sparking debates around the film and sharing all the details that are in the book but didn’t make it into the theatrical version.

Apparently one of these scenes was Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite scene. In an interview with the CinemaBlend podcast, Mixing of roles, Tarantino talks about why he had to lose the scene.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”Recognition: Sony Pictures Release

The scene in question was a phone conversation between DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton and Julia Butters’ Trudi Fraser. For those of you who don’t remember, Trudi was the kid he was on the set of Lancer who told him he was a great actor.

During the interrupted phone call, Rick Dalton is crying with Trudi on the phone, and they have a degree. But on checking, Tarantino thought the whisper in Rick’s ear was a better button for the movie. He also felt the call affected act three of the film, where we’d like to see if Rick has come to terms with his art and his future.

He said, “That was my favorite scene in the script. The idea that that wouldn’t be in the movie was unfathomable. That was my favorite scene in the script. I think it was probably Leo’s favorite scene that he shot and we were in tears. It was the only time … I had foggy eyes every now and then when filming this scene compared to this scene. But the thing, I mean, Julia (Butters) was in tears every time we finished. We were just very proud of that sequence. ”

Explaining why it’s not in the movie, Tarantino said, “The reason it’s not in the movie is – it’s twofold. It seems like the end of the movie. Which was actually okay in the script because in the script I looked at everything that happened in February as part of a three-act structure. And then the stuff that happened on the night of the murder as an epilogue. But that was the wrong way of thinking. When we started making the film together, what happened in August is not an epilogue. It’s the third act. We have to see it that way. And so they withdrew the scene. The scene is great. It’s not about them. But when we really worked on the assembly … we noticed after the Spahn Ranch that the February period ended with that. There is no turning back from that. That’s the end of it. And now we can’t just end the Spahn Ranch. So the idea is to close February as soon as possible after the Spahn Ranch. And if we do that, then we’ll go into August. ”

Scenes are constantly being cut from films, but at Tarantino we always feel like we might be missing out on gold. Luckily it’s in the novella, so if you get curious, get out and about buy the book!

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