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Average ratings:2.58 / 5
Goal:60% positive
Reviews counted: 8
Positive: 3
Neutral: 3
Negative: 2

Notes: Review by: Anupama Chopra Site: Filmcompanion

It’s an intriguing combination. Ali is best known for his larger-than-life Salman Khan films such as Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai. Gaurav rose to fame with more gritty material like Section 15. Together they construct a twisted story of ambition, betrayal, deception, corruption, and evil that men and women do in the quest for power. There are a few lines on the struggle for the soul. nation but above all, Ali and Gaurav prioritize the plot. Each episode is full of twists and turns. There is little room for the characters to breathe or evolve. In later episodes, as more subplots are added, the story disperses. The bodies pile up, the scenario becomes more and more far-fetched and the moments that seem crucial are forgotten. Tandav has too much Bollywood masala in its DNA. Which makes it intermittently entertaining but also shallow and not very smart.

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Notes:2.5 / 5 Review by: Sukanya Site: Rediff

At nearly six o’clock, Tandav doesn’t end on a closing note, he builds so much around himself through deception and ambiguity where an undisclosed identity heads all the mischief that ensues and a ‘We all have our curses ” mark of statement in response to the many whys that may crop up in our minds, underscores the inevitability of season two

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Notes:2/5 Review by: Saibal Site: NDTV

Sadly, the majority of Tandav’s characters are hopelessly subscribed. The most interesting have shady cores, not least of which is Gurpal, who watches a spiritual guru’s show on TV and feeds his cat after every mischief he commits. Sana Mir (Kritika Kamra), a Kashmiri girl who is an associate of Shiva. has secrets that explode in her face and push her into a deep, dark hole of deception, betrayal, guilt, and fear, but very little in the rest of the series is as interesting as the story of Sana Mir. Tandav is fluffier than fury.

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Notes:2/5 Review by: Rohit Site: News18

The show may pick up in later episodes, but the first five display all the attributes of a Bollywood ‘masala’ production with absolutely nothing to ponder once it’s over. Before you label me pretentious, I repeat that Tandav is entertaining, as long as you have a high appetite for projected punchlines and bold demeanor.

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Notes:3/5 Review by: Nairita Site: India Today

Tandav and his picture of Indian politics seem to be painted by a five-year-old, or at most a young awake, the jack-of-all-trades. There is no depth, no aftertaste, no texture. Even slangs that OTT allows seem to be placed purely for playing in the gallery. Just like the sporadic kissing scenes. Tandav may have intended to be India’s house of cards – suave, well-dressed politicians, with evil brewing inside. But it falls, like that proverbial house of cards.

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Notes:3/5 Review by: Gautam Site: Koimoi

Although the Disclaimer calls Tandav a complete work of fiction, the best thing about the series is that it takes inspiration from current politics without holding back. Watching the show, you won’t be able to ignore the similarities between the political storyline on screen and the actual storyline.Tandav is a good unique watch but nothing fancy that you might think it goes through. the title. It’s also a season 2 trailer that promises to justify the name.

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Notes: Review by: Shubhra Site: Indian Express

Whatever the punch, it comes from the “netas” and their machinations. The portrait of the students, their combat speech campaigns, never really come off the screen; nor, even more surprisingly, Zeeshan Ayyub, generally so good. Disappointing that it goes like this. But the way it ends is clearly not the end. Can the second season be sharper, a real “tandav”?

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Notes:3/5 Review by: Pallavi Site: Aaj Tak

डायरेक्टर अली अब्बास जफर ने इस शो को बॉलीवुड के स्टाइल में बनाया है. ये सीरीज जबरदस्त ट्विस्ट और टर्न्स से भरी हुई है, बस आपको थोड़ा संयम रखने की जरूरत… शुरूआती एपिसोड में भले ही आपको लगे कि आखिर ये क्या और क्यों हो रहा है, लेकिन बाद में चीजें एक दूसरे से जुड़ने लगती हैं और आप आप आप शो शो के साथ जुड़ जाते हैं… कुल-मिलाकर तांडव शो बढ़िया है.

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History of Tandav:

Tandav is a story set in the capital of the world’s largest democracy – DILLI (New Delhi), where it takes you inside the closed and chaotic doors of power and manipulation and uncovers the darkest alleys. of Indian politics.

Tandav release date:

January 15, 2020 (India) Direct on Amazon Prime

Tandav Cast:

Saif Ali Khan,
Dimple Kapadia,
Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub
Sunil Grover
Kritika kamra
Sarah Jane Dias
Kritika avasthi

Ali Abbas Zafar

Ali Abbas Zafar
Sanjeev Gupta
Himanshu Kishan Mehra

Rajeev Masand, Taran Adarsh ​​Reviews are expected for this film

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