Tamannaah Bhatia reveals the real reason she signed ‘Novemeber Story’

Tamannaah Bhatia reveals the two things she’s been looking for in her upcoming November series (Photo credit: Instagram / tamannaahspeaks)

Tamannaah Bhatia plays an ethical hacker in the upcoming “November Story” series. The actress says the two things she was looking for on the digital platform were relatable scripts and a strong character.

“The two things I was looking for in a web series were a relatable script and a strong character that would pique the audience’s interest,” Tamannaah said.

Speaking about his experience working with first director Ram Subramanian, the actor added, “When Ram Subramanian approached me with the script for November Story, not only did he align with these two parameters, but the holistic vision that ‘he embodied for such a complex series as this, was extremely admirable. His well-rounded outlook and impressive storytelling skills led me to sign November Story. “

A seven-episode thriller, “November Story” also features Pasupathy, GM Kumar, Aruldass, and Vivek Prasanna, among others. The show is released on May 20 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Disney + Hotstar VIP.

Tamannaah Bhatia previously said, “November Story gave me the flair to explore new creative nuances. Ram Subramanian’s script, script and directing have to a large extent benefited from my on-screen portrayal of Anuradha, a young ethical hacker who seizes the opportunity when it comes to saving her father from be punished for murder.

“In the first week of filming, we reshaped some scenes because the crew weren’t happy with the way the character was shaping up,” recalls Tamannaah.

Tamannaah feels happy when audiences resonate with her roles. “I always find great joy when fans resonate strongly with my reel characters, which is why I pay great attention to the finer details. I believe those nuances – from style to dialogue – helped bring Anuradha’s character to life exactly the way we wanted, ”she said.

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