Taika Waititi, Noah Baumbach and Martin Scorsese talk about inspiration

What do you do when the light of inspiration strikes?

Inspiration is a capricious friend. She visits late at night and sometimes when your brain is clear. It is fleeting and disappears as suddenly as it came. So what should you do when inspiration strikes? Are you sitting in bed, are you running to your notebook? Do you write a few sticky notes and hope they make sense in the morning?

Getting inspired is the motto in Hollywood. You have to take those little bits of excitement and energy and translate them onto paper and then into moving images and then cut them together to entertain an audience.

How do some of our favorite directors deal with inspiration? How do you know when it will strike? How do they deal with fights when they don’t?

Check out this video from Filmmaking tips, and let’s talk after the jump.

I love listening to Taika Waititi because he is so honest and funny. Hearing him talk about stealing from other people’s lives and how he uses things he hears in real life to add characters is such a smart idea. I loved knowing the funeral speech from Hunt for the wild people was actual talk of a funeral he was attending.

You live a real life so keep gathering inspiration around you.

Noah Baumbach is a slightly easier task when it comes to getting inspiration. He takes information as it comes, just lives his life and takes notes as he goes. He doesn’t care if characters, story, or locations come first, he focuses on them when they come and uses notes over time to build something.

These notes are compiled and he can refer to them as he makes various films, self-loaned them, and maintains a catalog that he can refer to whenever he needs it. His inspiration is a database that you keep to yourself.

For Martin Scorsese, he speaks of being inspired by the work of other directors. For him, when he’s looking for that lightbulb, he’s going back through old movies and even branching out and watching new movies. He keeps returning to his preferred art form, using his position to talk to directors about and listen to them why they did certain things.

All of these together should make good lessons for you. Did any of this inspire you individually?

Let us know in the comments.

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