Taemin posts mysterious photos of children

SHINee’s Taemin posts mysterious baby photos and unleashes theories. The dancer par excellence of the group surprised Shawol with the latest updates to his profile, the idol, who has been at rest after the fracture of his wrist, postponed his comeback until recovering from the injury, worse it seems that he has an important message to give him to his fans.

Through his social networks, Taemin decided to publish a series of images that by themselves do not make any sense. The idol used the stories on his Instagram to first share some emojis of a boy and a girl.

Shawol’s reaction was immediate, as they began to theorize about its meaning, Taemin continued with the updates and published 2 more photos, which show two little ones with an ice cream in hand. What are you trying to say?

Taemin’s name was trending on Twitter in a matter of minutes, asking for an explanation. Comeback? Girlfriend? A hidden message? The first fan theories is that it could be a way of revealing that he has a girlfriend, they even joked with EXO’s Chen, who has already become a dad.

Shortly after the chaos, Taemin shared some messages on Bubble’s paid messenger. The idol asked “Did you see the pictures?” Further confusing Shawol and the fans who are pursuing their solo careers.

However, it seems to be his next album, as he added that it was a spoiler and recently SHINee’s account shared the first teaser for “Never Gonna Dance Again”, whose prologue is titled 2 Kids, which explains all its tracks. Did you imagine it?

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