Surface Duo to get an important software update next month

Most reviewers of the Surface Duo started out loving the device the moment they took it out of the box and held it in their hands. That honeymoon, however, was mostly short-lived thanks to some very noticeable bugs. While not deal breakers, the accumulation of these rough edges made an already experimental device feel even more unreliable. Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft has scheduled a major update for the Surface Duo next month, hopefully, to address most of those concerns.

Thankfully there were no showstopping hardware defects that would have destroyed the Surface Duo and its reputation. Despite having last year’s specs, the dual-screen foldable performed well enough on its own based on reviews. The problems, however, started to appear where the actual dual-screen functionality is involved.

There have been consistent reports of inconsistent gesture detection as well as a general performance problem when trying to drag content between two apps, one on each side of the device. Fortunately, these could very well be just software bugs that could be ironed out with updates, which is hopefully what next month’s rollout will bring.

Windows Latest also got word that a few camera features are coming its way in that update. If anything that 11 megapixel sensor is perhaps its most disappointing part and any software trick to make it more useful will go a long way. Those features include an Image Refiner, zero-lag HDR shutter, and EIS improvements.

The update for the Surface Duo is expected to land mid-October and may even include Android’s October patches. Future updates will supposedly come on a regular monthly cadence, according to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden. Whether next month’s update will actually address those pain points is actually still uncertain but Microsoft’s window of opportunity won’t stay open for long.

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