Supreme Court justices are powerful, but ‘are not protected from jokes’

Contempt case: Kunal Kamra says SC judges are powerful, but “ have no protection from jokes ” (Photo credit – Kunal Kamra / Facebook)

Comedian Kunal Kamra told the Supreme Court that his tweets were not published in an attempt to lower people’s trust in the country’s highest court.

“Believing that any institution of power in a democracy is beyond criticism, is like saying that migrants must find their way home during a poorly planned national lockdown: it is irrational and undemocratic,” Kamra said. in an affidavit.

Kamra faces a contempt of court case for posting tweets making outrageous and derogatory comments against the Supreme Court.

In the affidavit, Kamra pointed out that public confidence in the judiciary is based on the institution’s own actions, and not on criticism or comments about it.

“The suggestion that my tweets may shake the foundations of the most powerful court in the world is an overestimation of my capabilities. Just as the Supreme Court values ​​the public’s faith in it, it should also trust the public not to form an opinion on the court based on a few jokes on Twitter.

“Public confidence in the judiciary is based on the institution’s own actions and not on any criticism or commentary about it,” Kamra said in an affidavit.

Kamra added that the judges of our constitutional courts are among the most powerful people in the country. “They have extraordinary powers over the fundamental rights and the lives of the citizens of this country, and their function and mandate are constitutionally protected to protect them from political interference,” he said.

However, Kamra argued that constitutional offices, which include judicial offices, know no protection against jokes. “I do not believe that any high authority, including judges, is unable to perform its duties just because it is the subject of satire or comedy,” Kamra said in defending his tweets in the affidavit.

The higher court is due to hear the contempt of Kamra case later today.

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