Supernatural Season 15: Eric Kripke’s Series Finale

Original Supernatural showrunner Eric Kripke returned to the Series Finale of the series. The opportunity for him to teaser what the last episode might have looked like if he had always been in charge.

Last week, the Series Finale of Supernatural offered an episode filled with nostalgia and emotion for the Winchester brothers, the opportunity to say hello one last time to Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). However, the final chapter in the adventures of our favorite demon hunters has divided many fans. While some have pointed to the lack of action, others have admitted not having been affected by the outcome reserved for the most famous siblings of the small screen. Perhaps the Series Finale imagined by the creator of the series would have satisfied the fans, Eric Kripke having teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly what the last episode of Supernatural could have looked like according to him.

“I’m going to say this. There’s only one scene that I didn’t do and would have saved for the end of the series. I’m definitely not going to talk more about it here, maybe “someday I will. But I can assure you that my ending was so much darker than the realized ending. So really if you’re thinking, ‘Kripke should have done the ending’, I think you would have hated my ending! Because it was a horror movie and the show was going to have a horror movie-like ending, so I can promise you that the ending you saw is a lot better than I had for the show. ” A statement that makes us want to know more about the epilogue that Eric Kripke initially wanted for the characters of Sam and Dean and that makes us wonder what elements the current showrunner of The Boys had planned to include in the point that the fans can hate the ending. If he did not want to say more during the interview, Jensen Ackles had however assured Melty that Eric Kripke was perfectly in line with the conclusion reserved for the demon hunters, the stars of the series having exclusively confided their state of mind as Supernatural nears the end.

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