Sundance 2021: Table of Contents | Festivals and awards

“Rebel Hearts”

“Rito Moreno: just a girl who decided to go”

“Summer of Soul”

“Try harder!”


Global Drama Competition

“The dog who wouldn’t be quiet”

“Fire in the mountains”


“Human factors”


“One for the road”

“The pink cloud”

“El Planeta”


“Prime Time”

Global Documentary Competition

“Captains of Zaatari”

“Faya Dayi”

“To run away”

“Misha and the wolves”

“The most beautiful boy in the world”

“Playing with sharks”



“Taming the garden”

“Write with fire”


“Amy Tan: Unintentional Memory”

“Bring your own brigade”

“Eight for the money”

“How does it end”

“In the ground”

“In the same breath”

“Judas and the Black Messiah”


“Marvelous and the Black Hole”


“My name is Pauli Murray”

“Philly DA”

“Prisoners of Ghostland”

“The Sparks Brothers”

“Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street”


“Night of kings”

“The World to Come”


“The Flaming World”



“My Beauty, my beauty”

“R # J”


“Son of the monarchs”

“Strawberry Manor”

“We are all going to the Universal Exhibition”



“Coming home in the dark”

“A problem in the matrix”


“Mother Schmuckers”


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