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Margot recognizes this angst within Sammy, and instead tries to deflect it with magic, while Cech faces an angst that sometimes manifests itself in violent (but funny) musings. The scenes in which Margot teaches Sammy’s magic are charming, and best of all, they give magic a deeper meaning. The film makes the card tricks and endangered rabbits seem like it is within reach – it might even inspire viewers to do so – and as part of the storytelling. Whether showing off the secret mechanics of magic would ban Tsang from wizarding societies – or a statue in his honor – I can’t say, but his contagious penchant for magic is worth it anyway.

Tsang turns out to be very smart with the formula and uses this excellent chemistry between Cech (she has a way with a barbed liner) and Perlman. They are colorful, opposites, and you want to cheer them on individually and in pairs. It’s also great to see how the film keeps Perlman’s infinitely charismatic Margot more of a question mark, not only because she’s a magician, but so that she can create her own space in the trope of a wise and older mentor.

As broad as “Marvelous and the Black Hole” can be, the story runs moment by moment, so much so that you’re excited by the climax that inevitably brings it all together. The film strikes an ideal balance between family and comedy: it suits viewers who may be new to its message, but it can still charm older viewers who know that a spell can be magic – it just depends on what’s up the director’s sleeve.

“Endearing” is another word that would certainly describe the whole of “Together togetherWhich premiered at the festival as part of its US Dramatic Competition. Writer / director Nikole Beckwith focuses on two people sharing an experience that hasn’t been talked about much in cinema.

Patti Harrison stars in the film as Anna, a 26-year-old woman who was hired by Matt (Ed Helms) to carry the baby to whom he will be a single father. From the start, Beckwith’s script takes an intriguing approach to their different life situations, acknowledging why they’ve found themselves alone and what they’re willing to do to get to where they’re going next. And also from the start, Matt has been particularly picky and neurotic about what Anna does with her body (including the tea she drinks or the fact that she’s having sex), which reveals her more aggressive side in some of the larger jokes in the script. Especially since it arrives in the second and third trimester, the experience brings them together; tThe complicated yet platonic heir of friendship is a balancing act inspired by the storyline that knows a thing or eight about awkwardness or loneliness.

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