Suga and his “coincidental” prediction came true

Accidentally and jokingly, Suga made an unexpected prediction that affected BTS and drove the ARMY crazy.

Suga earned the nickname “Minstradamus” because he has the uncanny ability to predict BTS’s future achievements. He predicted BTS’s appearance at the Grammys, their first performance at the Billboard Music Awards, and much, much more. As ARMY says, “what Suga wants, Suga gets”.

But this time “Minstradamus” could have predicted a problem that drove the ARMY crazy and affected BTS. On April 12, 2019, BTS broadcast a comeback special live in New York. In it, they talked about Map of the Soul: Persona, played games, and more.

Suga’s prediction that affected BTS

About an hour after the show, RM announced “breaking news”: BTS’s broadcast had reached a record number of viewers.

At the time, 7.5 million viewers were tuned in in real time and the broadcast had received 600 million hearts.

But BTS’s resident psychic attacked again, in a totally unexpected way, Suga jokingly said that 10 million hearts should be subtracted from the total.

Shortly after, BTS’s “Boy With Luv” MV experienced a YouTube glitch that drove streamers crazy, so YouTube ended up removing at least 10 million views on the day the MV was released, so “Boy With Luv “It took a little longer to hit 100 million.

Afterward, some fans wondered if Suga had accidentally predicted the glitch, without even realizing it.

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