Strong Ideas, Loose-Free: Director Josh Greenbaum on Barb and Star Comes to Vista Del Mar | Interviews

Not only are people considered gay, but I actually think gay movies are comparable in a lot of ways and are underrated as well. Whether it’s funny or silly, they aren’t taken seriously. But they can also have an impact on our culture and our global perspective. I think movies and art influence culture. And I think a movie like this, which is basically pretty fun and upbeat and sweet, I hope, will help make our world smile a bit even though we are all going through something very difficult together.

Tell me how you got into the project.

I made a documentary called “Becoming Bond”. I had a screening of it and didn’t know at the time but Kristen Wiig was in the audience. Just like Jessica Elbaum, our producer of “Barb and Star”. And the movie ended and I found out that Kristen was there and was a little star struck, and she walked up to me and said, “Oh, my God, I love this movie. and we have to work together. ” Which to me was like, “Oh, that must be what’s going on in Hollywood.” But a few days later I got a call to set up a lunch to meet Kristen and we had this amazing two and a half hour lunch where she started showing me the whole movie. She had written it with Annie before, but she almost beat it to beat, playing all the roles, and it was one of my favorite lunches I’ve ever had in my life, as you can. imagine. And I was just like, “Look, I’m 100% obviously, and if the script is even half as good as what you just presented to me, I’m so happy to be a part of it.” And she sent the script in and the rest was history. I came on board and met Annie, whom I knew less about, but now I’m so blown away by her talent. And we became a little trio of three amigos and worked on the script for about a year, and then we went and shot it.

This huge dance number is truly remarkable, a throwback to classic musicals.

It was huge. As a director, I’m always very excited about the things that scare me. Law? And I’ve been a huge fan of these Busby Berkeley issues for a long time. And I saw the opportunity to do them in this movie organically and really surprise you. At this point in the movie, I don’t think we’ve hinted that there will be a giant musical number all of a sudden.

It was so much fun. We had 100 dancers and brought in an amazing choreographer, and Kristen and Annie wrote the music. And it was a blast. This musical number that we shot throughout our production because it contains a lot of small pieces. But those great dance sequences were so much fun. And, of course, bringing in our amazing production designer, Steve Saklad, who gave the world his color and look, and made us lean towards turquoise and magenta. And then our amazing DP, Toby Oliver, who might not be an obvious choice at first considering his big movie before was “Get Out”. But he’s incredibly good with the camera. And I wanted the film to be cinematic. I think there’s a trap that a lot of studio comedies fall into where so much energy and the emphasis is just on the jokes, which is obviously what we’re here for, and the dialogue, but I I really wanted to lean on that other important arm of filmmaking, the cinema itself, the camera and the look of it all. And so, the combination of our choreographer and costume designer, Trayce Gigi Field, and just putting together an amazing crew made it possible for a first-time director like me to be able to perform a huge musical number in a way that I would like to see. proud of them and hope the audience will appreciate it.

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