Stephen Colbert welcomes Biden’s purchase of 200M coronavirus vaccine – Deadline

Almost a week after his inauguration, President Joe Biden kicked off the sprint by introducing a number of new executive orders, including one that would increase the country’s supply of coronavirus vaccines.

Given that former President Donald Trump and his coronavirus task force had sent a security offer additional vaccines in December, Biden’s purchase of 200 million more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is a breath of fresh air, even as new variants find their way around the country.

“Oh baby America has a new boyfriend and he’s spoiling us and we love it,” Stephen Colbert said Tuesday night. “And loving him, I mean don’t let us fend for ourselves in the face of a deadly pandemic, and loving him, I mean loving him.”

The late show the host showed enthusiasm for buying Biden, but expressed frustration at the lack of support the president currently has behind his Covid-19 relief bill. With Trump’s second impeachment trial on the horizon and the urgency to confirm cabinet members, Biden’s bill is moving more slowly than most would like.

Impeachment would not be such an obstacle if government officials, especially GOP senators like Joni Ernst, agreed that Trump had incited a violent insurgency on Capitol Hill, Colbert said.

“Even though they’ve all been shoved into secret tunnels to prevent them from being murdered by the president’s own bloodthirsty fascist squad, they’re on the fence,” Colbert criticized.

Watch his full monologue above.

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