Stephen Colbert unearths the questionable past of Trump’s new defense team – Deadline

Former President Donald Trump is in deep trouble as his defense lawyers robbed the co-op just under two weeks before his impeachment trial. With the ex-commander-in-chief without a lawyer, The late show Host Stephen Colbert said they were just “rats running away from a runny rat” during his opening monologue on Monday.

Colbert explained how the fallout between Trump and his team of lawyers came about, noting that it appears the former president asked his defense not to argue over the constitutionality of impeachment for inciting an insurgency, but rather that they focus “ on the election theft argument. from him.”

The late-night host also looked at the cards in favor of Donald Trump before he was put on trial for the violent attacks on the U.S. Capitol, namely lawyers David Schoen and Bruce Castor. Colbert searched the two lawyers and found some interesting bits of their history.

During his monologue, Colbert pointed to Castor’s track record, adding that the lawyer had gained notoriety for refusing to prosecute Bill Cosby because of a “secret deal.” As for Schoen, Colbert learned that the lawyer had previously wanted to join Jeffrey Epstein’s defense team.

“My god, who on Earth would hire Jeffrey Epstein’s defense attorney,” Colbert asked. “Oh, Jeffrey Epstein’s winger. I understand that, it makes sense.

Watch Colbert’s full monologue above.

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