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On Monday, Stephen Colbert returned to The late show after a week off the air, spending most of his opening monologue taking Matt Gaetz to task.

“I don’t pay much attention to the news when we are gone,” admitted Colbert, “but this week I read every article I could about about the career implosion of a Florida congressman and host. of Let’s take a shower, Matt Gaetz. “

Last week, the host explained, the New York Times went bankrupt the news that the Florida congressman is under investigation by the Department of Justice for violating federal sex trafficking laws. The central question, he noted, was whether [Gaetz] had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him.

“ The Late Show ”: Stephen Colbert weighs in

In a segment he dubbed “Gaetz-Gaete,” Colbert said the Republican did not act alone, destroying his political career. “He had the help of his longtime friend, the former Seminole County tax collector – and a man selling sandwiches in a strip club parking lot – Joel Greenberg,” explained the ‘animator.

Apparently, Gaetz and Greenberg have both met women online, looking for sex. “One of the websites is called Seeking Arrangements,” he said. “Bad news for the guy who was just looking for a floral bouquet for his birthday and ended up sending his wife an 18-year-old who was ready to party.”

Gaetz and Greenberg also reportedly paid for travel and hotel rooms, where individuals, including Gaetz, took ecstasy before having sex. “Now if you’re not familiar with ecstasy,” Colbert joked, “that’s the feeling you get when you hear bad news about Matt Gaetz.”

As Colbert mentioned, Gaetz denied all allegations against him, suggesting they were part of an extortion attempt, involving a former Justice Department official. “Matt Gaetz never paid for sex… Matt Gaetz completely refutes all disgusting claims. Matt Gaetz has never been on such websites, ”a statement read.

At the same time, the New York Times claims to have seen receipts sent to women by Gaetz, on apps like Cash App and Apple Pay. “How stupid is Matt Gaetz?” “Dude, man, no,” Colbert said. “Don’t leave a paper trail. Use the Cash application; that way everything goes up to the cloud and then when it rains the evidence disappears.

After the original New York Times story broke, more came to the surface. “Gaetz did not keep his perverted behavior a secret,” Colbert said. Allegedly, the representative from Florida. went so far as to share photos and videos of the women he had slept with with co-workers, all upstairs in the house. “Remember, this is where he works,” Colbert said. “So you know about these mandatory sexual harassment trainings that your office does, where the examples they give are all so outrageous, you’re like, ‘Who’s that possible? It’s for Matt Gaetz.

Tonight on The late show, Colbert welcomes professional wrestler and actor John Cena, as well as Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Check out his opening monologue by clicking on the video above.

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