State AG’s big announcement halted due to technical difficulties – Deadline

What should have been a triumphant media moment for California Governor Gavin Newsom was scuttled on Wednesday by technical difficulties. Newsom had held its first televised press conference in at least two weeks to announce his much-anticipated choice to replace Xavier Becerra as state attorney general.

The presentation began with an improvised jubilant Newsom from the podium, recalling his personal history with the San Francisco location he was speaking from and verifying the names of the potentates. The governor, as usual, preambled for more than 7 minutes, during which the state’s YouTube feed glitched and sputtered, drawing angry comments from users to the site.

Finally, as Newsom entered into a more appropriate presentation of his candidate for the job, the flow came to a complete stop. You can see the moment below. The event was broadcast live by at least one local TV station, KRON4, but that outlet was also cut short before the presentation ended.

New poll shows Newsom advancing on recall vote, but Latinos could be a problem for governor

The event was on par with many unforced errors the governor has made recently, from his dinner at the French Laundry last fall to the continuing debacle of fraud and incompetence with the state’s unemployment department, which Newsom has repeatedly promised to repair.

The purpose of the presentation was to announce the appointment of Alameda Assembly member Rob Bonta as the next California Attorney General, taking the seat vacated by Xavier Becerra, who was recently sworn in as secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Newsom was asked for weeks about the choice and declined, saying he was waiting for Becerra to be confirmed first.

The drama was heightened by the fact that there were a few big names in contention, including the powerful US Representative Richard Schiff who, according to Politico, “Aggressively pressured Newsom to appoint him to this position.”

Schiff and others were excited for the job in part because it has become a stepping stone to bigger things. The last three occupants of the office went on to become Secretary of the US Department of Health (Becerra), Vice President of the United States (Kamala Harris) and Governor of California (Jerry Brown) for two terms.

So Newsom’s long-awaited announcement came with this drama and the added surprise that, amid rising violence against the Asian community, he was appointing Bonta as California’s first Philippine attorney general.

In a statement sent ahead of the press event, Newsom praised Bonta for waging “great fights to reverse historic injustice – many affecting communities of color. He has been a leader in the struggle to reform our justice system and resist the forces of hate. “

“Rob represents what makes California great – our desire to fight just and reverse systematic injustices,” Gov. Newsom said. “Growing up with parents steeped in social justice movements, Rob became a national leader in the fight to fix our justice system and stand up for the rights of every Californian. And most importantly, at this time when so many communities are under attack for who they are and who they love, Rob has fought to strengthen hate crime laws and protect our communities from the forces of hate. He will be a phenomenal attorney general, and I can’t wait to see him get to work.

Newsom’s failed victory lap comes at a politically bad time for him. As the recall effort against him has gathered momentum over the past month, the governor has stopped his press conferences 2-3 times a week and opted for a more controlled media strategy. Wednesday’s event certainly could have marked a triumphant return.

The announcement from Bonta, whose parents paraded alongside Cesar Chavez, is a political boon the governor surely wanted to amplify a day after a poll on the impending recall vote showed lagging support among Latinos of the state and the San Joaquin Valley as the region where abseiling is most popular.

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