Star Trek: Discovery 3×6: farewell to Burnham and Saru?

The 3×6 episode of Star Trek: Discovery marked one of the endings that fans might not be ready to deal with. Although troubled, Saru and Burnham’s relationship as allies and mentor / apprentice was one of the series’ most important milestones. Therefore, seeing the two break the alliance is not as easy as it seems.

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More details of the 3×6 episode of Star Trek: Discovery

The episode featured three major conflicts between Burnham, Georgiou and Adira. Perhaps the most interesting is Georgiou’s plot. In flashback episodes, she holds a dagger with the Empire logo. Therefore, we can conclude that, before being an Emperor, she was a mother (since in one of the flashbacks she shouts “Son!”), And the Empire probably murdered her child.

This also explains her affection for Burnham, as she raised her as her own daughter. However, this can trigger some feelings about the traumatic death, making one of Discovery’s most important fighters to the side in some very inopportune moments.

Meanwhile, Adira’s rise is also noteworthy, as she begins to leave her cocoon and become an important member of the Star Trek: Discovery universe. So far, however, it is impossible to say how it fits into the whole mystery of who caused the fire.

At the same time, there is no denying that your contributions to the ship’s commands and controls are likely to be very useful in your journey through unknown planets.

Finally, we have the Burnham conflict. Every relationship between a Commander and First Officer must be based on trust. In the first few episodes, we see this unwavering confidence in Saru.

However, Burnham begins to assume her impulsive personality and the problems start when she fails to agree with Saru’s goals, especially in Shenzhou.

After a heated discussion, Burnham leaves the room and removes his badge from his uniform. Although Saru did not expel her from Starfleet and she is still First Command, the scene has an air of “goodbye” that can symbolize different decisions between the two characters.

The question that remains in the environment is: who will be the next Number One? As much as the obvious choice is Tilly, her role on Discovery still seems uncertain and Saru may not trust her enough for that. Therefore, all that remains is to wait to discover the future of the crew.

What do you think will happen in the next episodes of Star

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