Standard Chartered Will Offer Crypto Money Storage Service

Standard Chartered will offer crypto money storage service for institutional investors.

Singapore-based investment arm SC Ventures, one of the UK’s largest banks, Standard Chartered , will soon begin offering cryptocurrency storage for institutional investors.

According to the information reflected in the press, first trials will be made for the storage of Bitcoin and some security tokens . It is stated that at least 20 institutional investors are interested in the service, which is expected to be launched towards the end of this year.

METACO Is In The Work

SC Ventures President Alex Manson confirmed that at least 20 institutional investors are interested in the service. SC Ventures also contributed to the $ 17 million A-series funding of METACO, a cryptocurrency focused infrastructure provider last week.

Manson said in a statement that cryptocurrencies believed to be permanent as an asset class. Manson, who signaled that they would make an attempt to meet the end-to-end needs of institutional investors, actually shared the tips.

It is stated that METACO will provide infrastructure support for SC Ventures’ storage service. Standard Chartered first showed its interest in cryptocurrency storage service in November 2018.

It is known that cryptocurrencies were once seen by banks as prohibited assets. On the other hand, the fact that crypto money has become the assets that are stored and stored by banks in a short period of time has important clues about the cryptocurrency revolution.

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