Square Enix Announces Damage Due to Marvel’s Avengers

In Square Enix’s last quarter report, it was announced that the firm suffered serious damage. The company recently released the Marvel’s Avengers game.

Marvel’s Avengers game, released last September, has been experiencing difficulties since then. Although the well-written script of the game attracted many fans to the series, the production in which Kamala Khan was trying to gather the team did not seem to be quite as desired.

Although the underlying story of the game was good, the operation of the live service model had serious problems. The large number of errors in the game and the fact that most of them are still not corrected was another factor that caused the players to stay away from the production. The end of the game did not manage to please anyone.

Sales are not at the desired level

The interest of the game was not as hot as expected and the content to be added after the release was also postponed, directing the followers of the game, which is classified as AAA, to other productions. This returned to Square Enix as lower sales figures.

Square Enix, the roof company of Crystal Dynamics, which developed the game, revealed the gravity of the situation in its newly published financial report for the last quarter. According to the report, the company’s digital entertainment HD game business suffered a loss of 6.5 billion yen (approximately 536 million TL). Marvel’s Avengers sales also remained at 60% of what was expected.

Square Enix did not disclose how many copies the game sold or how much money was spent on its development. Nevertheless, the production was produced at a cost of between 170 and 190 million dollars, according to experts based on the knowledge that the game covered 70% of the production cost.

Last quarter announced profit

The company made a serious gain of 10 billion yen with the Final Fantasy VII Remake in the previous quarter. The total sales of the firm reached 34.1 billion yen. In fact, Marvel’s Avengers also attracted millions of players in the beta phase, but the short beta and close to release was not enough to solve the problems.

The game continues to lose blood right now. As PC players begin to leave the production, content with Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, which are said to be added to the game, has also been postponed. Let’s see if Cyrstal Dynamics can save the game from here.

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