Spin-off is linked to the universe of The Vampire Diaries

Legacies returns to high school, fans of The Vampire Diaries can follow the lives of the children of well-known characters and the many legacies those beloved characters left behind.

Similarity between Elena and Hope

The Vampire Diaries begins with Elena, the protagonist, trying to find out who she is in the world now that she lost her parents. Hope has experienced equally intense pain at Legacies. This parallel shows the connections between both series

Love triangles

The Vampire Diaries had two famous love triangles. The main one was Elena, Damon and Stefan. Damon and Stefan also had a love triangle with Katherine just like in Legacies.

In Legacies, this tradition from The Vampire Diaries continues between Landon, Hope, and Rafael. While Landon and Rafael are not blood siblings, they are as close as siblings. They both like Hope, but Rafael tries to get away from his attraction.

Stefan’s diaries

In the first episode of Legacies, fans of The Vampire Diaries see that the school has kept Stefan’s diaries in the library for others to read. Hope claims that in her diaries, her father and family are the villains.

In the Legacies pilot, she had said that the difference between villains and heroes “is simply who is telling the story.” The “villains” are telling the story this time.

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