Speech-to-text and multi-frame rendering have come to save us all

Adobe just released several major updates to the quality of life of its core Creative Cloud video applications, along with a few updates that could change the way we work in general.

Premiere Pro is now faster (especially on Apple M1 machines) with a number of other improvements and brand new workflows using Adobe Sensei AI technology (more on that later) and After Effects can now perform concurrent rendering operations and can even auto-render while you have a cup of coffee.

These changes, along with some other very welcome minor fixes and features, make for a pretty nice overall update for the Creative Cloud video apps.

Premiere Pro updates

Premiere Pro now includes Speech to Text as a fully released feature (it has been available in public beta for a while). I’ve been using this workflow with my interview material for a while and I’ll be 100% – it’s really good. The voice output is not only extremely fast, but also very, very precise and feature-rich.

Instead of the previous workflow of hitting the little plus button every time and typing everything in manually, just hit a button and wait a few seconds and your entire timeline will be transcribed with what I would call an impressive level of accuracy. Then you can fix transcription errors easily and quickly, jump through your editing (double-click the text to jump to that point in the timeline), and most importantly, there is now a button that automatically creates subtitles on the screen .

Adobe has released major improvements to the Creative Cloud video applications

Yes, automatic subtitles. You just push a button and everything is on the screen. It’s all fully customizable too. The Essential Graphics Panel allows you to choose a custom subtitle look and make it a preset for later use. It’s quick and easy, and it works very efficiently. For those of us who spend all of our time creating subtitles for social shortening – thank you, Adobe.

Adobe has released major improvements to the Creative Cloud video applications

On top of that, the M1 updates for Premiere are now live and PC users are not neglected either. Scene editing detection is now up to 2x faster on Windows and 3x faster on Apple M1. Automatic device switching under Windows is now also a thing. This means that you don’t have to constantly dive into your menus to select the audio output you want to use. I’ve been hoping for this for a long time.

There are some other minor updates like some upgrades to the color correction tools and more features for creating graphics in Premiere (dual drop shadows and styles).

Premiere updates at a glance:

  • Speech to text (Sensei-assisted automatic transcription)
  • Automatic subtitling
  • Apple M1 and Windows Significant speed increases (faster recognition of scene editing, project storage, etc.)
  • Quality of life improvements (automatic device switching, updated LUT support, new drop shadows and graphic design features)
After Effects will now use all of your cores and render in the background

After Effects updates

Adobe is working to make sure that After Effects uses all the juice that your CPU cores have to offer. As a result, multi-frame rendering is now in public beta.

Multi-frame rendering allows many processes and renderings to run in the background while you work. Using all of the cores in your CPU, After Effects now automatically makes intelligent decisions about how to best use your hardware (V-RAM, RAM, cores, etc.) to render your designs most effectively. This also enables another great new feature, the speculative preview.

Speculative preview renders your composition in the background while the software is idle. So if you’re having a coffee or spending some time reading emails, you can now return to your After Effects with a freshly rendered preview of your composition.

To further optimize After Effects for the future, Adobe has also begun updating the huge list of effects in AE for use with multiple cores and modern hardware. So it seems that we can expect significant reductions in rendering time (especially for previews) in the foreseeable future.

After Effects will now notify you when a rendering is complete

After Effects can also now send a notification to your phone (or smartwatch, etc.) to notify you of your After Effects render queue. Now you can leave your computer and know when your rendering is complete.

After Effects updates at a glance:

  • Multi-frame rendering (AE uses all your hardware intelligently and uses all the cores of your system)
  • Speculative preview (RAM preview automatically while idling)
  • Faster effects and plugins
  • Render queue notifications
Character Animator now has real-time tracking animation

Character animator

Adobe has also spiced up Character Animator on M1 Macs. Importing puppets and artworks is now 2x faster and switching between different workspaces is 3x faster.

You can also access some fun new features in the public beta. You can quickly create a new character with Puppet Maker by simply choosing hairstyles and skin tones, etc. Then see how your custom character reacts to various movements and voices in real time.

Character Animator now includes a fast new Puppet Maker tool

Also in the public beta is a new feature called Body Tracker. The Body Tracker, another tool from Adobe Sensei, animates your character’s entire body with your own movement. You can now animate arm, leg, and trunk movements in real time based on your own movements.

So now you can quickly create a walking and talking character and animate everything in real time.

Character Animator Updates at a Glance:

  • Apple M1 support and speed improvements
  • Puppet Maker (fast character creator with voice-based animation and motion tracking)
  • Body Tracker (real-time body tracking)

Which function are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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