Speaking on Messenger and Instagram in an ‘invisible’ way

A week ago, WhatsApp officially introduced a new function: Temporary Messages, which allows you to send whatsapps with an expiration date that are automatically deleted in 7 days. This way you can save conversations that take up space unnecessarily. And something similar comes to Facebook Messenger and Instagram, only more radical.

Vanish Mode

Baptized as Vanish Mode or Ephemeral Mode, this new function implements temporary conversations in the Messenger app and the social network Instagram, since once activated it allows to send messages that disappear automatically. The operation is simple: the messages disappear after they are seen and you leave the chat.

As soon as you leave the conversation, they delete themselves – unlike temporary WhatsApp messages. And not only text messages, but memes, GIFs stickers or reactions will also be deleted if you activate Vanish Mode.

Activate ephemeral mode on Instagram and Messenger

How active? Well, as simple as the ‘swipe’ in Tinder: when you are chatting on Messenger or in direct messages on Instagram, simply slide your finger up the screen: This gesture will activate the Ephemeral mode. To deactivate it, do the opposite: slide your finger down the screen.

But what happens if even though I have activated the Ephemeral mode, my contact takes a screenshot of the chat so that it is a record of what we talked about? Well, if someone does, you will receive a notification that that contact has taken a screenshot while you had the mode running.

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