Spanish sales teams Filmax, Film Factory and Latido launch VICA – Deadline

The three main Spanish film sales agencies – Filmax, Film Factory and Latido – are coming together to launch VICA, a joint organization which the companies hope will give them a united voice and help promote Spanish cinema and television in the world. world.

VICA (International Sales Agents Of Audiovisual Content) will maintain a close dialogue with public and private institutions in Spain, as well as with other associations in the sector.

He will also discuss the crucial role of sales agents in the marketplace, at a time when business activity has contracted, with the traditional pre-sale model no longer as lucrative as it once was. The companies involved say they want their contribution to the business to be as “valued as it should be” and that they founded the organization in a spirit of collaboration rather than confrontation.

“We feel that there is a lack of awareness with respect to the enormous task performed by the sales agencies and therefore our intention is also to include an aspect of education, in relation to the markets and their operation, ”they wrote in a statement. . “Our insight into the mechanisms of the global market is a vision that local producers and distributors often do not have, as they are primarily concerned with issues at the national level.”

Antonio Saura de Latido will act as president of the organization, Vicente Canales of Film Factory as vice-president and Ivan Diaz of Filmax as treasurer.

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