SpaceX: Alligator invaded NASA Space Center before launch

Plans for SpaceX’s first manned space flight were interrupted due to bad weather – and after an alligator invaded NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida! The launch, which would take two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Crew Dragon capsule, was scheduled for this Wednesday (27).

The Space Center called professional Frank Robb to remove the nearly 2-meter alligator from the launch area. Robb became famous in July last year after successfully capturing an alligator in Chicago, which was later nicknamed Chance The Snapper.

After a week of scaring citizens around Humboldt Park, the animal was found by the professional. “There are alligators that end up in the most unusual places,” said Frank Robb to WGN9.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions for the launch, NASA decided to postpone the event. According to the agency, a new attempt will be made at 4:22 pm this Saturday (30) afternoon. The spacecraft is expected to arrive at its destination 19 hours after takeoff, that is, on Sunday (31).

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