‘Sopranos’ Creator Upset Prequel is streamed on HBO Max

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Pretty much everyone is looking forward to ithe upcoming release of The sopranos Prequel movie, The many saints of Newark.

However, the creator of the original series doesn’t seem to endorse the studio’s distribution methods.

Recently, Sopranos Series creator David Chase spoke to Deadline about his frustration at the news that the prequel movie is now streamed in theaters at the same time. This, as you probably know, is a business model that HBO Max has been testing all year round.

“I honestly don’t think I would have accepted the job if I had known there would be a day-to-day release. I think it’s awful, ”said Chase.

You can really feel how important it was for these showrunners and creators to publish this project as separately as possible from the TV show. I mean, The sopranos is practically the definition of movie television and pioneered the methods many shows use today. It makes sense that they wanted an exclusive theatrical release to escape the television world and shake off that format completely.

“The Many Saints of Newark”Credit: Warner bros.

Chase continued, “People should see it in a movie theater. It was designed as a film. It was … it’s beautiful like a movie. I never thought it would be back on HBO. Never.”

Chase had a certain vision of how this film would end up in the world Sopranos Universe and how it would coexist with the iconic show. I’m sure he never imagined the film would be on the shelf next to the original work on a streaming service when it was released. He wants the audience to experience this in a real theater.

It’s sad news that there are people out there who aren’t happy with how the film is handled after it’s made. But that has been a theme on this year’s Day-and-Date releases, from Denis Villeneuve’s disappointment to ScarJo, which Disney is suing for backend revenue.

On the plus side, hopefully this will give more people the opportunity to watch this movie at home and enjoy it with their families.

The prequel is due to be released on October 1 in theaters and HBO Max.

Are you going to stream or go to the cinema? Let us know in the comments!

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