Sony says PS5 has the largest console output ever

The PS5 was made official by Sony in June, but its pre-sale started only in October with the launch taking place in November and, according to Sony, the console had the biggest debut ever since the PS2. Check out the details released by the company today.

The news was posted today by the official PlayStation account on Twitter. She reports that demand for the PlayStation 5 was “unprecedented”, which certainly also caused a lot of problems for buyers, some of whom were surprised by purchases canceled due to a lack of consoles in stock in the US.

At the end of the day, everything seems to indicate that the PlayStation president’s forecast was correct, the console is really a success, however the logistics have been severely hampered by the pandemic, which has greatly reduced available inventories as shown in recent surveys of American stores.

On that, PlayStation says that more consoles will be available soon to prevent further problems from occurring.

Translating the tweet:

“The demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will reach retailers before the end of the year – please keep in touch with your local retailers.”

The launch of the PS5 was also marked by several actions by Sony, which certainly boosted the console’s visibility, such as the subway signs in London that won the PlayStation symbols, see:

One of them was even located right in front of a Microsoft store, which generated many comments about the rivalry between users of the Xbox and the Sony console.

Speaking of Xbox, Microsoft also claims that the Xbox Series X and S were its biggest releases to date, which certainly makes us wonder which one should sell more, although Microsoft itself says it doesn’t care about that.

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