Sony Pictures Classics acquires Clint Bentley’s ‘Jockey’ at Sundance 2021 – Deadline

Sony Pictures Classics bought Clint Bentley’s Jockey on the second night of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, acquired all worldwide rights to the film.

Set to premiere on Sunday, January 31 in the US Dramatic Competition section, the Bentley film follows an aging jockey (Clifton Collins, Jr.) who hopes to win a final title for his longtime trainer (Molly Parker), who is in came to own what appears to be a championship horse. However, years and injuries have taken their toll on his body, calling into question the jockey’s ability to pursue his lifelong passion. The arrival of a rookie rider (Moises Arias), who claims to be his son, further complicates the jockey’s plans to make his dream come true.

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“Filmmakers Clint Bentley (a terrific start to directing), co-writer Greg Kwedar and producer Nancy Schafer made such a great film, which is engaging, satisfying, visual and precise cinematic storytelling,” Sony Pictures Classics said. in a press release. “Anchored by a truly incredible performance by Clifton Collins Jr., an actor we have admired in so many roles for over 2 decades (from Hood at Westworld), ably supported by Molly Parker and Moses Arias, JOCKEY tells the story of what happens to a late-career professional with horse racing’s past, a topic of interest to audiences around the world. We are delighted to bring the film to a large audience this year. “

Jockey is produced by Bentley, Kwedar and Nancy Schafer and produced by Larry Kalas, Larry Kelly, Linda and Jon Halbert, Cheryl and Walt Penn, Genevieve and Mark Crozier, Cindy and John Greenwood, Ann Grimes and Jay Old, Benjamin Fuqua, Jordy Wax and Collins Jr. The other actors are Logan Cormier and Colleen Hartnett

“We are delighted that Sony Pictures Classics is launching JOCKEY. Growing up watching films with their logos made us the filmmakers that we are today, ”said Bentley and Kwedar. “We have been so captivated by the passion and vision of SPC and our shared love for Clifton Collins Jr. It is surreal for our film to be in the family of so many amazing films and directors. This film was made with so much love, in the vibrant and traveling world behind the racetrack. It is an honor to be associated with Michael Barker, Tom Bernard and their team who take such care in the way they release films.

Sony Pictures Classics negotiated the deal with ICM Partners on behalf of the filmmakers. International sales were handled by Films Boutique.

the Jockey acquisition follows Neon’s takeover of Jonas Poher Rasmussen To run away and Apple’s record $ 25 million CODA sale.

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