Sonu Sood transports critical COVID-19 patient from Nagpur to Hyderabad

Sonu Sood talks about airlifting critical COVID-19 patient from Nagpur to Hyderabad

Actor Sonu Sood arranged for a seriously ill 25-year-old Covid-19 patient to be transported in an air ambulance from Nagpur to Hyderabad for treatment.

Patient Bharti is the daughter of a retired railway officer and she is believed to have lost nearly 85 to 90% of her lungs to Covid-19. Sonu first helped her transfer her to a private hospital in Nagpur. Doctors then suggested that she needed a lung transplant.

Sonu Sood arranged for the patient to be airlifted to Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, for a treatment called ECMO, in which blood is artificially pumped around the body to release pressure from the lungs.

Sonu Sood said: “The doctors said the odds were 20% and asked me if I still wanted to go ahead. I said “of course”. She is a 25 year old girl who will fight the battle hard and come out stronger. That’s why we took this chance and decided to get an air ambulance. The treatment is going well and we hope all will be well.

Meanwhile, Sonu Sood took to Instagram on Friday afternoon to let everyone know that he had tested negative for Covid-19. The actor had informed on Saturday that he had tested positive for the virus.

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