Sonu Sood reacts to Huma Qureshi who wants him to be the Prime Minister of India, says “Yeh Thoda Zyada Ho Gaya”

Sonu Sood talks politics after Huma Qureshi says she wants him to become prime minister (Photo credit: Instagram / iamhumaq, sonu_sood)

Since the coronavirus began to affect our lives last year, actor Sonu Sood has been doing his best to help people. Given her heart of gold, actress Huma Qureshi recently said that she believes Sonu should run for office and that she would like to see him as our prime minister. Now actor Simmba has opened up about it.

While saying that hearing such comments is a huge honor, the humanitarian also shed light on whether he will enter politics and become prime minister. Read everything he said below.

In a recent conversation with Spotboye, Sonu Sood spoke of this compliment and called it an honor. Blushing, he said: “Yeh thoda zyada ho gaya (that’s a bit too much). It’s very kind of him to say that. If she thinks I deserve this honor, then I must say I must have done something right. However, I do not agree with her. I think we have a very capable prime minister.

Revealing age as one of the reasons he wouldn’t want to take on this responsibility, Sonu Sood said, “I think I’m too young to take on such a responsibility. Yes, I know Rajiv Gandhiji became Prime Minister at 40. But these were very special circumstances. And he came from a family of distinguished politicians when I have no experience.

He also stated that he did not need a position of power to do good. The Kung Fu Yoga actor said, “There are some people who don’t like the idea of ​​me going out there to do my part. I don’t want them to get upset. It is important for me to only do my job. I enjoy my space as an actor and am now part of the tribulations of the common man. I think we can all do our part without being in positions of power. “

For the uninitiated, less than a week ago, while speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Huma Qureshi, a Bollywood actor who she thinks is a good politician, was asked. Immediately taking the name Sonu Sood, she added, “Honestly, I think Sonu should run for office. We would all do it… I would vote for him. I want him to be our prime minister.

What do you think? Does Sonu Sood have to wait a few more years and then enter politics? Let us know in the comments below.

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