Sonu Sood dedicates his first music video “ Pagal Nahi Hona ” to soldiers and their loves

Sonu Sood’s first music video, ‘Pagal Nahi Hona’, dedicated to the Armymen and their Ladyloves (Photo credit: Instagram / sonu_sood)

Actor Sonu Sood is thrilled to be featured in his debut music video. He says the video, Pagal Nahi hona, is dedicated to the armymen.

In Sunanda Sharma’s song, Sonu is an army officer. The romantic ballad is composed by Avvy Sra, with lyrics written by Jaani.

“This is my first music video. When I heard the concept, I was immediately sold. “Pagal nahi hona” is dedicated to all the men of the army and to their lovers. The lyrics will touch your hearts and Sunanda sang them beautifully, ”Sonu said.

The actor-philanthropist will appear in the video with the singer. The song’s first look was released on Monday. In the still, he is seen hugging his wife on screen.

Regarding the track, Sunanda said, “’Pagal Nahi Hona’ is close to my heart. It is sure to pull on everyone’s heartstrings. It’s always great to fall out with creative minds and I’m happy to collaborate with Jaani and Avvy on this track. Sonu monsieur, who has become the hero of the nation, is a perfect fit for the song and we are delighted to have him on board.

Sonu Sood never imagined there would be a book about him someday, adding that he missed his mother when such a thing happened.

Sonu has written a book recounting his experience helping migrant workers during the Covid lockdown. Entitled “I Am Not a Messiah,” the book is written in the first person. It reveals the emotional challenges the actor faced while helping out.

While talking about writing his book, Sonu Sood told IANS, “It turned out to be very special because I never realized that one day I will do something, that a book will be written about. me, where I can share my experiences, share all of the moments I connected with millions of people around the world, ”Sonu told IANS, writing the book.

Sonu Sood added, “Now put it all on paper… my mom, who was a teacher, would always tell me to write about my experiences, whenever you feel they are special because they will stay with you forever. With so much going on, you tend to forget about these experiences, but you can always come back to these pages and review those moments. “

The actor continued, “I wish she was here and would have been a proud mother if she had read the book. Today I miss her more. I thank my parents for teaching me, guiding me and praying for me, which helps me.

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