Someone plugged the Xbox Series X into a tube TV

What would it be like if someone turned on a new generation console, built to work in 4k with high FPS rates on a tube TV? In the best gambiarra style, “Maximum Firepower” decided to use an adapter to run your Xbox Series X on an 80’s TV. The result you can check in his video on Youtube:

But, obviously, for this scheme to work, it was necessary to use an adapter that supports both the cables that come out of the TV, and the HDMI that goes to the Xbox (since the consoles have no more AV output since the seventh generation). However, in addition to the adapter, there is another interesting addition: a VHS that receives the AV data from the adapter and takes the information through another cable to the TV, which is quite old.

And yes, it works. The gamer shows the console working and uses FIFA to present gameplay. As you can imagine, the screen is full of noise and in low resolution, but it worked and that was what he wanted, right?

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