Sofia Coppola on capturing New York from a different perspective [Podcast] – Deadline

After Woody Allen and DP Gordon Willis conquered New York’s visual poetry, you’d think we’ve seen it all when it comes to romanticizing the northeast city’s edifices and its baroque.

Then Sofia Coppola arrived with her Seduces him director of photography Philippe Le Sourd. As dark and shiny as Allen and Willis’ New York Manhattan, Coppola and Le Sourd revitalizes the colors of the Big Apple, bringing a vibrant burst of blues, greens, grays, blacks and browns that only add to the emotion and warmth in AppleTV + / A24. On the rocks.

There is also a touch of homage to Federico Fellini in the Roma and The good life meaning of the word. The feature film features Oscar-winning Coppola’s re-team with her Lost in translation the Bill Murray Theater which plays an old playboy father who reconnects with his daughter, played by Rashida Jones; the two reconnect at a time when her husband may be cheating on her. The Deaf received an Oscar nomination for his DP work in 2013 The great master of Wong Kar-Wai, and his lens is alive and on fire again here On the rocks.

Nowadays On the rocks landed a Golden Globe nomination for Murray in the Supporting Actor category and two Critics Choice names for Murray as Supporting Actor and Best Comedy. I heard this hearing on the first weekend of On the rocks was the best ever for Coppola, surpassing the opening weekend admissions of any movie in her cinematic canon; 2006’s Marie Antoinette being the biggest with $ 5.4 million over 3 days ($ 61 million worldwide).

Here is our conversation with Coppola and Le Sourd:

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