Snowden: I will apply for US-Russia dual citizenship

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who uncovered the US eavesdropping activities and lives in Russia, announced that he would apply for dual citizenship.

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who received an indefinite residence permit in Russia in October, stated on Twitter that he would apply for US-Russia dual citizenship.

Snowden says, “After years of separation from our parents, my wife and I don’t want to be separated from our son. In this period of pandemic and border closure, we are applying for US-Russia dual citizenship for this reason ”.

Snowden also noted that her husband will also remain American, and that they will raise their children with American values such as expressing their ideas freely. Snowden said he looks forward to the day when the whole family can return to the United States so that they can come together.

Snowden, who had a great repercussions in the world by deciphering the activities of the USA against the public in 2013, announced that he did not do anything alone, and that he carried out his studies by working with journalists.

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