Slimming Photos, Adele Almost Not Recognized

Adele re-uploaded a photo showing her body making slim. Even in his latest photo on Instagram, this British singer is barely recognized.

On Saturday (1/8/2020), Adele showed off photos in support of Beyonce’s new album titled ‘Black is King’. Writing photo captions, he praised Beyonce’s video clips and visualization of the album on TV.

“Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art,” he wrote.

Adele’s appearance on Instagram photos caught the attention of netizens. The mother of one child appears with a face without makeup, curly hair and the most prominent is an increasingly slim body.

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Adele is seen wearing a tight long sleeve T-shirt from Marine Serre with the same motif as the bodysuit worn by Beyonce in the video clip. This 32-year-old woman paired it with subordinate black leggings.

Netizens were amazed by Adele’s latest appearance. There is no thought that the female figure in the photo is the singer of ‘Someone Like You’.

“Is that right Adele?” commented one netizen.

“I thought it was Kate Winslet. Her appearance really wasn’t real,” wrote the netizen again.

“I don’t even recognize him anymore!” said netizens again.

“Who is he?” netizens said.

Adele’s body transformation was first seen when she was present on Drake’s birthday in October 2019. She also appeared slimmer when participating in Christmas celebrations, December 2019.

He also showed a surprising transformation on his 32nd birthday on May 5, 2020 while uploading his photo on Instagram. Adele was seen wearing a black mini dress. At that time his face was thin, long hair over his shoulders and what attracted the most attention were his two legs which looked slender and level.

Adele lately is currently running a weight loss program with a strict diet and exercise. Pete Geracimo, personal trainer who guides the Adele exercise and diet program in 2012-2016 said that his client was losing weight for the sake of his own family and health.

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