Skydio X2 Enterprise and Defense drones fly

Skydio begins shipping its award-winning X2 business and defense drones. Updated consumer drones could be around the corner.

DJI has had consumer drones under control for a while, but brands like Autel and Skydio are creating much-needed competition in the space to drive innovation and keep prices affordable. One of the consumer models, the Skydio 2 offers remarkable autonomous flight, impressive image quality and 4K 60p HDR video recording.

Skydio’s Bread and Butter is their commercial line, however, and their new X2 drones, announced last year, have shipped.

The Skydio X2 is available in two models, the X2D (for defense and federal agencies) and X2E (for corporate work, first responders). Both units are available in two configurations. The first is a color / thermal dual sensor with a 4K 60p HDR color camera and a 16x digital zoom. The lens has an approximate 46 ° HFOV and there is a FLIR Boson 320×256 LWIR thermal sensor with 8x digital zoom if you need to switch to temperature tracking. The color / thermal option is available now for $ 14,499.

The second is a color-only configuration that gives you the same 4K 60p HDR shot and 16x digital zoom, but with an HFOV of around 80 ° and no thermal scanning. The lens is designed for “close inspection of infrastructure facilities, scene reconstruction and mapping of small areas”. The color configuration can be pre-ordered for $ 10,999.

Recognition: Skydio

Both drones are equipped with the new enterprise controller, which has a bright 6.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen and advanced AI skills Skydio Autonomy Enterprise FoundationThis is software that unlocks features like 360 ​​° superzoom, track in place, visual return home and much more.

Skydio has also started Skydio Cloudand as the name suggests, it is a cloud service that enables “users to monitor their fleet, keep accurate records of each mission, access, analyze and share data across the enterprise”. Skydio Cloud runs on AWS and offers you a range of fleet tools with which you can easily organize data. The company is also working on streaming from any cell phone or browser device that will be available soon.

With the flight of Skydio X2, the company can now update its consumer drones. We don’t know exactly when the Skydio 3 will be available, but it is more likely that it will be available sooner rather than later.

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