Six quotes from the Coen brothers to inspire your filmmaking process

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The Coen brothers are visionary filmmakers with some advice for their success.

A little over 30 years ago, two brothers from Minnesota sat down with a little neo-noir called. the world on fire Just blood. The Coen brothers, as they were later called, were a couple of lanky filmmakers who were excellent at thinking outside the box, turning genres upside down, and making films at all levels.

Her careers ranged from runaway hits to crazy flops to cult classics. So I think reviewing some of their most famous quotes about filmmaking would be a great opportunity for us to learn how they approach storytelling.

So let’s collapse these quotes together folks.

Six quotes from the Coen brothers to inspire your filmmaking process

1. “As with writing, there are good days and frustrating days. But even frustrating days can sometimes be rewarding. “- Ethan Coen (Far Out magazine)

Many writers have good days and bad when it comes to creating pages. Even fighting, you can find out things about the characters that you never knew. That’s why it’s so important to stick with the idea and really work on it.

2. “You love all of your characters, even the ridiculous ones. You have to do it on a certain level; it’s kind of your strange creations a feeling that you hate them. It’s just absurd. “- Joel Coen (Coen Brothers: Interviews)

Nobody writes characters like the Coens. They often develop people who have goals and act a little outside the center. These types of characters make actors and actresses really excited to play them. Especially when they feel unique.

What can you do to make your characters glow?

3. “We wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t think we could have fun with it.” – Ethan Coen (talk about The lady killers)

As filmmakers, we can spend years with an idea. The only reason for this is that we are in love with her.

A friend once told me don’t write a feature unless you think you could spend three years of your life in the world. That’s the key. Only chase the stories you love.

4. “The question is, where would it take you if something that is a bit ambiguous in the film becomes clear? It won’t get you anywhere. “- Joel Coen (Coen Brothers: Interviews)

Endings are not easy to write. You want to tie everything together in a bow, but the reality is that the audience wants a bit of ambiguity. It makes them use their imaginations.

Don’t focus so much on getting it perfect, but instead focus on closing character arcs and then making the audience want more.

5. “Being non-commercial is never an ambition. Films come together in different places for random reasons. You do them when you get the opportunity, instead of doing them when you like or design.” – Ethan Coen (Smart quote)

Don’t put too much pressure on doing things in Hollywood when you start out. Focus more on writing things or doing things that are good. The audience will get great things.

Of course you want to get respect and get things done, but that will come, just do things to show people. Greatness is always recognized.

6. “These things are hard to pinpoint. We work a little on one script and then on another.” – Joel Coen (Coen Brothers: Interviews)

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Always have a rotating ideas stall ready to show to people. You never know when things will die or fizzle out on the vine. So much of Hollywood respects changing tastes and has a new idea or specification to show people on the go. Get on with it.

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