Shruti Haasan is cranky but grateful because she has ‘wonderful things to do’

Shruti Haasan shares that she is happy to have wonderful things to do (Photo credit: Instagram / Shruti Haasan)

Actress Shruti Haasan says she is grateful for having so many wonderful things to do, as a new week begins.

“#Thank you even though I’m sleepy – so happy to have wonderful things to do and wake up with #workmode #grumpyfaceglam,” Shruti said on Instagram Monday.

Last week Shruti turned 35 and said she wanted her future to be filled with light and creativity. “Filled with gratitude and joy !!! It has been the best part of my life and I am grateful for my lessons and the trip, ”Shruti wrote on Instagram.

Shruti Haasan shared the post with a photo of herself posing with balloons.

Earlier, Shruti Haasan said she plans to focus as much on music this year as she is on her film career. Aside from acting in films, Shruti has performed a plethora of songs in the English indie area and over the years has starred in films as well.

The actress, who is currently seen in the Telugu blockbuster “Krack”, star of Ravi Teja, promises more music to fans in 2021.

“You will definitely see more music from me this year and I am so excited to share it with everyone. For years I had to put music aside, but I’m finally learning balance and I’m glad I can do both. Cinema allows me to play a variety of beautiful characters and music allows me to show an important part of myself and my mind, ”Shruti tells IANS.

Shruti will soon be seen in Netflix’s first Telugu original, “Pitta Kathalu.” She says she is “really looking forward to its release” and reveals that she’s been busier with OTT content lately.

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