Should James Corden replace Ellen DeGeneres?

British TV host James Corden may have to replace Ellen DeGeneres after a scandalous case

After several months of one scandal story after another about 62-year-old TV host Ellen DeGeneres, it seems that the people behind “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” are considering replacing her.

It writes The Sun.

The job could possibly go to “Late Late Show” host James Corden, who has hosted “The Late Late Show” since 2014, where he took over the program from ultra-popular host Craig Ferguson.

A source close to NBC, the network that broadcasts Ellen’s show, reveals that James Corden has long been on the board as a possible heir to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

NBC top boss Paul Telegdy is said to be “a big fan of James”, and should have the British TV host at the top of his list of those he would like to sit in Ellen’s chair.

At present, James Corden’s contract with CBS only runs until 2022, so the possibilities of taking over Ellen’s job look extremely realistic.

After several employees on the TV show told of a “toxic work environment” on the series, Warner Bros. has launched an investigation to get to the bottom of the many complaints.

Most recently, Ellen DeGeneres herself has been out and apologizing for the many scandals that include employees who feel discriminated against on the basis of both their sexuality, gender and skin color.

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