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“Genius loci” – Some people may watch a short movie like this and know exactly what it is after watching it just once. I admit that I’m not one of those people (or maybe it’s my 13th of the day and I need a rest). Anyway, I found that just watching Adrian Merigeau’s film was a reward in itself. The kaleidoscopic visualscape is enough to marvel as a young loner weaves her way through a psychedelic cityscape over the course of an evening. (18 min.)

“If something happens, I love you” – Full Disclosure (again): I know one of the directors (Govier), and I wrote about this movie in December. I’m not sure if he has the ability to break the Academy’s stubborn tradition of letting members’ children decide the winner (that’s my theory, anyway), but I know no one has ever left this movie without feeling deeply affected by it. I want it to win, obviously, but I think I would anyway. Directed by Michael Govier and Will McCormick. (12 min.)

“Opera” – Your eyes cannot comprehend everything that is going on in Erick Oh’s astonishing “Opera”, which depicts an orderly society, seemingly floating in space as we witness swarms of worker bees, at the war, death, birth and aspects of society as a whole. There are so many little stories going on that just one visualization isn’t enough here, but it’s a fascinating world that has been created. Of all the movies in all of these blocks, this is the one I would have liked to see on the big screen. (9 min.)

“Yes, people” – This Icelandic short film depicts a day in the life of working-class residents of an apartment building. This is the kind of animation style where every facial and body characteristic of each character is greatly exaggerated, making it difficult to connect with any of them. Like in a “Shaun the Sheep” movie, the characters don’t really speak either, but mumble (everyone says “Já” at some point, which means “yes” in Icelandic). He has moments of charm, but ultimately I found him immemorable. Directed by Gísli Darri Halldórsson. (8 min.)

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