SHOCKING ! Jin Excluded From Moon Credits !

Fans disagree with this. Do they exclude Jin from the credits for the song “Moon? BTS has gained great popularity in music thanks to its millions of fans and several of its singles and MV’s.

In some of their songs, the boys have personally worked on the composition or writing of the lyrics, but it seems that their work is not being recognized, we tell you the details.

On their latest album, “Map of the soul 7”, several of the tracks had the participation of the members, such as “Friends” or “Moon”, where they captured personal experiences and emotions. Recently, “Moon” was included in The Rolling Stone magazine’s “Best 75 Songs Ever” list.

However, the publication was shared by the company “Concord Music Publishing”, who apparently represents the musicians who had some intervention in the song, but their message of thanks excluded Jin.

In its official Twitter account, the agency only mentioned DJ Swivel and Candace Sosa as the co-writers of “Moon”, but without giving credits to the idol, who explained for himself that he wrote the lyrics thinking of ARMY, since he is who illuminates them as if they were Earth.

On social networks, ARMY has expressed their disagreement, as the idol was proud to have worked on this song and they believe that it is the same situation of V with “Sweet Night”.

RM explained that Jin surprised him with Moon, as he is not a person who expresses his feelings so openly. On Twitter, he positioned himself in “Moon By Jin” trends to give him the credits that the idol deserves.

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