Shiny Pokemon GO October list starts now

Today we’re taking a peek at a list of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO that’ll launch, or have already launched, in the month of October, 2020. This list includes such long-awaited Shiny Pokemon as Vulpix and Ninetales! Starting on October 9th, Vulpix will appear in a Shiny form that’s gold, with green booty feet, and orange tails, while Ninetales will appear in white with icy blue tail tips!

Starting on October 9, lasting just a few days – until October 12, 2020, we’ll see an Autumn event in Pokemon GO. This event includes Shiny Kanto Vulpix and Ninetales. We’ll see Autumn-themed Pokemon hatching from 5km eggs, and we’ll see the first ever appearance of Autumn Form Deerling!

Pokemon that’ll appear more frequently during this event include Foongus, Burmy (Plant Cloak), Shroomish, Oddish, Vulpix (keep an eye out for SHINY), Bayleef, Pineco, Zigzagoon (both sorts!), Seedot, Sudowoodo, Yanma, and Hoothoot!

During the day on October 17th, from 11AM to 5PM (your time, local time), you’ll see Charmander a whole lot more frequently. Charmander will appear in Shiny Form a lot more commonly than normal, too!

NOTE: This is not the first time Charmander’s appeared as a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It is, however, a time when this iteration of Charmander will be a lot more common than normal. This means that while your chances of finding a Shiny Charmander are very, very slim on any normal day, during this event you’ll have a DECENT chance of finding said Pokemon. Just tap every Charmander you see – if it’s not shiny, run away!

If you’re looking for a list of best Moltres counters, we’ve got one of those, too! You’ll want to look into ROCK Type Pokemon, in particular. Start with Rampardos, Rhyperior, and Terrakion. Also consider Tyranitar, Gigalith, and the always-interesting Aerodactyl for good measure. Let us know if you have a Pokemon that’s done particularly well against Moltres in raid battles – we’d love to hear it!

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