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Comedian Bill Burr isn’t a fan of the cancellation culture, and he’s made it known before, most recently in October. Saturday Night Live monologue.

On a recent episode of his The Bill Bert podcast podcast with Bert Kreischer (see above), the subject of his Mandalorian Co-star Gina Carano was raised and how she was fired by Disney for her social media statements comparing being conservative in Hollywood to being Jewish in Nazi Germany. In the Disney + series, Burr plays a Migs Mayfield, a rogue bounty hunter.

“She was an absolute lover. Super nice person. And you know, whatever, someone is going to take this video and fuck make me say something else and try to get rid of my bald figure! The Massachusetts native defended, referring to how Hasbro also canceled the Cara Dune action figure from Carano. The toy maker has yet to make figures in Mayfield.

Gina Carano talks about being ‘canceled’ and supports former ‘Mandalorian’ costar Pedro Pascal

“I’m in this fucking show. Now I have to watch what I’m saying, ”he added.

“How it is over there, it’s a crazy time. There are people waiting, hanging out in the weeds, ”Burr explained of the current cancellation culture,“ let’s show he’s human, and he made a mistake in his past and take that dream away. .

Burr continued, “How do you keep yourself from judging someone so harshly? I’m not talking about hardcore shit like sexual assault and rape and all that. I’m not talking about that. Now it becomes, like, ‘Hey, you made an ignorant comparison. This is your dream. I look at that and I say ‘Who the fuck can resist this?’ “

“I understand what she was trying to say. Obviously any comparison to anything with the Holocaust is a shoddy comparison, it’s a stupid thing to do, I don’t disagree with any of that, ”added guest Joe DeRosa.

“However, how is it different from all the people on the left when Trump was elected and they said, ‘He’s like Hitler.’ How is it different? “, He added.

Burr’s SNL The monologue was quite controversial, sparking quite a backlash on social media, taking hits against those wearing masks, Gay Pride month and the culture awakened.

Not sure Burr will return for Disney + season 3 The Mandalorian. Note, Lucasfilm is running Boba Fett’s book currently for fall with the third season of Mandalorian delayed.

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