Sharon Osbourne Doubles in Bill Maher Sit-Down Over Talk Firing – Deadline

The Oscars don’t last longer than a week, but if they hand out any awards for disgruntled old whites, Sharon Osbourne and Bill Maher could end up in a tie.

“I’m sorry I’m 65, you’re 68, I know who I am, I don’t need rehab,” the Real time the host exclaimed to applause from his studio audience and a smile from Osbourne, whom he praised the fans. “We can’t judge everyone by their worst times,” Maher said earlier in the interview as The speech The co-host offered a constant stream of self-justifications for the conduct that got her off the CBS show.

“I’ve been called so many things in my life, I’m so used to being called by names, but a racist is one I won’t take,” Osbourne said to great applause during the chat session in highly publicized studio. filmed earlier on Friday. “I’m going to be great, I’m fine, like I said I’m a fighter, I’m fine,” Osbourne continued, maybe playing the populist card a little too much.

“It’s not fair, because it’s not about being racist,” she added. “It might just be about not knowing what’s correct and waking up to your tongue on that day, because it changes day by day,” Osbourne continued, throwing himself into a bestseller dig. 2018 by Robin DiAngelo. White fragility in the process too.

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“The idea in there is that you have two choices whether you’re white, you’re either a racist or a racist and you don’t know it,” Maher jumped forward with his best impression of Tucker Carlson, or not. This one may have taken the oxygen out of the studio, as even Maher’s audience moaned.

The later part of the panel without Osbourne from Real timeMaher continued in the same vile vein when he criticized the police murder of 13-year-old Adam Toledo and 20-year-old Daunte Wright earlier this week. “There is absolutely no excuse for what happened to these people when they were shot… but it is also good advice: do not resist arrest,” Maher said. “It never ends well, this is not the place to take a stand.”

In his first interview since his release The speech Under a cloud of controversial race comments and a defense of the high-volume beating by her pal Piers Morgan of Meghan Markle’s royal revelations to Oprah on March 7, the former rock’n’roll manager can say that she is fine, but it certainly kicked up a lot of dust tonight on HBO in realtime – and the premium cable host was certainly in her corner.

With the conclusion of an investigation into the heated March 10 race discussion between Osbourne and his co-host Sheryl Underwood, CBS announced on March 26 that the former, the last of the The speechThe original co-hosts of, had decided to quit the show after 11 seasons. As the timer drama swirled around Osbourne and The speech abruptly interrupted, the founder of Ozzfest alternated between a tweet of apologies and digging in his heels in arsonist talks with people like Entertainment tonight. The latter burned a lot of bridges and goodwill at CBS, sources told Deadline at the time.

Since jumping or being pushed from The speech, Osbourne, who was replaced by the CAA, despite stories of being a lawyer and paying big bucks, the former America’s Got Talent judge pretty much stuck to harmless social media posts until tonight.

Casting shade on ‘the tongue awake’, smear the Duchess of Sussex and largely miss the point with statements like ‘unless you agree with every person of color then you are. racist, ”Osbourne and Maher had a drum circle of mutual admiration, while totally missing the actual beat.

In fact, in their seething indignation at “all this drama”, to quote Maher on what Osbourne said and his support for the Canes Hello Great Britain presenter Morgan, tonight’s duo had only one slight point of disagreement. This schism arose when Maher hinted that there may be some truth to Markle and Prince Harry’s “poster boy” claims about racist treatment by their fellow Royals. “The old bag is a 100,” quipped Maher of Queen Elizabeth II to Osbourne’s wry dismay.

On the eve of the funeral of husband Prince Phillip, Maher and Osbourne agreed that the British Royals scandal was “cold for everyone” and that bi-racial Markle was no exception. Okay.

A crush on any show after her last stint in the spotlight, the brash Osbourne was certainly expecting a sympathetic crash pad from Maher. The once self-proclaimed libertarian host has had its share of controversy over the years, largely self-created and sometimes self-aggrandizing, like Osbourne.

Having seen advertisers drop her ABC show Politically incorrect in 2001, after refuting George W. Bush’s claim that the 9/11 terrorists were cowards, Maher was more recently in scorching water for comments on slavery and the use of the N word in his HBO show.

Emmy Award winner Maher was not canned by the now AT&T outlet in 2017 after his silly remarks. However, HBO called the comments “inexcusable and tasteless” and then removed the segment in which the remarks appeared from any future iteration of the show. Maher himself later issued a statement saying he was “very sorry” for using racial insult.

The interview with Osbourne followed Maher’s monologue praising Joe Biden for “kicking ass” and revealing this week his intention to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan after two decades of this war on terror front.

Ian Bremmer and Rosa Brooks are also expected to appear on Real time tonight.

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