Sharad Malhotra is shocked by the perception of the “only dry day” of January 26 by some people

Sharad Malhotra is upset by some people’s perception of the ‘only dry day’ on January 26 (Photo credit: Instagram / Sharad Malhotra)

Actor Sharad Malhotra says it is sad that many Indians regard days like Republic Day as mere days of relaxation. The actor says that nowadays people are also upset that those days are dry days.

“It’s not just a vacation. People just think of a dry day and are probably upset because of it too. I don’t drink but a lot of my friends tell me: “January 26 is coming and we won’t get alcohol!” It’s a day that’s just considered a public holiday now, which is sad, ”he says.

“It is so upsetting to see that you are an Indian and totally ignore such an important day. It is the day the constitution was formed and it is a milestone day in the history of the nation. People just take it like a Saturday or Sunday, ”adds Sharad Malhotra.

Sharad Malhotra remembers fond memories of the Republic Day celebration at school.

“Earlier, I remember when I was in school my parents would wake me up in the morning and I would watch the parade in the morning. I used to see all the jhakis and all the beautiful cultures, people from different parts of the country showing off the different costumes. Everything was so colorful and I think I really miss all of it now, ”says Sharad Malhotra.

However, he makes sure to attend all patriotic events during this time. “When I have the opportunity to attend such an event, I never miss it. If I am invited as a guest of honor to a flag-raising event, I make a point of attending the particular event, even if I am working or busy somewhere. The hoisting of the flag, for me, is very important. Maybe if tomorrow we plan to have a family, my kids also need to understand the meaning of January 26th, I will make sure. This day should not only be remembered as a public holiday, but as a very important day in the life of every Indian, ”he says.

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