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Seungkwan was hospitalized in an emergency and CARAT is sending messages of support. During a trial by the SEVENTEEN group, Seungkwan suffered an ankle injury.

Recently, the SEVENTEEN members released their new record material ‘Heng: garae’, the promotional song was ‘Left & Right’ and it was positioned in very good places within the musical chats.

The Pledis Entertainment group is known for its original music, its professionalism, well-crafted choreography that reflects the abilities of the 13 idols. The energy of the K-pop boy group is one of its characteristics.

A few hours ago, Pledis Entertainment reported that SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan had suffered an accident during a practice, while the idol was rehearsing a choreography with his teammates, he injured his left foot.

The agency said that Seungkwan received all the necessary care, entered the hospital and underwent emergency surgery, the doctors’ diagnosis was that the idol broke his ankle ligaments.

Seungkwan will take a break, will not attend any of the activities or scheduled dynamics to fully recover from the operation. For now, SEVENTEEN will be promoting with only 12 members.

Pledis Entertainment also shared that the company’s focus is to prioritize the health of all of its represented artists and will keep fans up to date on the Seungkwan situation.

In response, on different social networks, CARAT trending the hashtag #GetWellSoonSeungkwan to send messages of support and love to the idol, awaiting their speedy recovery.

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