Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah Dunk on Ted Cruz for No Storm in Texas – Deadline

Ted Cruz gave Texas residents a cold shoulder as he traveled to Cancun, while citizens of Lone Star State suffered a harsh winter storm that left at least 58 people dead and thousands more without power or water. Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers ripped apart the GOP figure and its explanations for its absence during crucial moments in the state.

“You know what they say, when the going gets tough, Ted Cruz goes away,” Colbert joked during his The late show monologue Monday.

Upon opening, Colbert explored the different layers behind the GOP senator’s controversial moment, from throwing his daughters under the bus to the return flight change after heading to Cancun in the first place.

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After receiving negative reactions for his trip, Cancun explained that he traveled to Mexico to be a “good father” to his two daughters and that he regretted going on vacation. However, like many, Colbert was quick to reject Cruz’s explanation.

“Too late Teddy, you already did the wrong thing,” he said.

During his To look closer segment Seth Meyers said that Cruz nicknamed “the LaGuardia (airport) of the people,” citing the infamous New York travel hub. While Meyers also questioned the legitimacy of Cruz’s apology, he also cut the photo of the senator from Texas.

Just days after being spotted en route to Cancun, Cruz posted photos of himself on Twitter helping residents of Texas, or at least pretending, Meyers said. But appearing to help residents who desperately need it just isn’t going to cut it, Trevor Noah said.

“It’s the political version to come home with flowers the day after Valentine’s Day,” Noah said. “I don’t know why the politicians are trying to organize these lame photos. They basically turn people who really need real help into political props.

Watch their segments below.

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