Serious Santosh Shoban and New Concept on Insecurities With Size P * nis falls prey to the drag and preaching of everything

Ek Mini Katha Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars (two and a half stars)

Featured actors: Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Brahmaji, Sudharshan, Sapthagiri, Posani Krishna Murali and others

Director: Karthik Rapolu

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What is good: A confident Santosh Shoban, tackling a taboo and unexplored subject. Plus, her dancing skills are fun.

What is bad: The age-old ghost of dragging and preaching messages that haunt the film at crucial moments.

Loo break: Strictly not in the first half.

Watch or not ?: You cannot fully give this pass a pass. He’s got a new topic, a serious lead actor who has kept his ego / insecurities completely aside for saying yes to a conversation like this.

User Rating:

Santosh (Santosh Shoban) is a guy who from a young age begins to believe that he has small penises. Now an adult, 25 is on the verge of depression because of her condition. After trying everything possible, from drugs recommended on the Internet, to Ayurveda, to machines that promise to increase height, Santosh does not succeed. The biggest conflict comes when he’s about to get married and he doesn’t want to cheat on the girl and end up not making her happy.

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Ek Mini Katha Movie Review: Script Analysis

It is no unknown observation that Telugu cinema is joining the world in the race to evolve content. The fact that a film which is marketed in such a frantic way by the greatest of actors in the South (Prabhas & Ram Charan), a sought-after beginner actor who has definitely opted for it, is proof of this.

Ek Mini Katha is a story about a 25 year old boy suffering from a syndrome where he feels that his penises are too small and that they are useless. But does size really matter? Writer Merlapaka Gandhi explores this single line. Now, it is evident that in order to tackle such a fresh and delicate issue as this, manufacturers are taking the “educate by making them laugh” route. The one that Bollywood films like Bala, Vicky Donor or Shubh Mangal Saavdhan have taken (all Ayushmann Khurrana!).

Merlapaka does indeed create Santosh with a problem, but he is not agitated in a way that is destructive to those around him. Instead, he’s the most understanding guy in the frame at one point. For that, they make the world around him funny. Each of their own side of the spectrum is an exaggerated version of the people we meet. It’s also probably because Santosh’s problem is in his pants and the front door is just his dark face. To make that sparkle shine, the vibe is more vibrant, so you can see the dullness in it.

Now it is new territory, totally untouched. And when the movie starts off on a hilarious note, but makes it clear, that’s a bonus. Ek Mini Katha manages to be hilarious, with the majority of jokes hitting the right mark. But what starts out as a riot of laughter and fresh content dips after the interval. Curse of the second half! The storyline starts to get repetitive, things more incredible, and the comedy gets more of soap opera standards, compared to the first half.

Not criticizing at all the choice of subject and the handling of the main track. But only if the films could build on a well-written main track! What also kills the rather fun experience is the climax streak that becomes preacher. I know you are making people aware of an issue that many of us are going through. But don’t educate me face to face. While Gandhi does introduce the ignorance of the parents into the child’s doubt, the societal pressure to be “ great ” in all aspects and the self-doubt it arouses, the effect of this is reduced when a character at the end talks about everything. like a conference. We have the brother point, no need to spoon feed.

Plus, with 7th Standard students being concerned about their penis size, it’s kinda unbelievable. I could be wrong, but at least not when I was 7th.

Ek Mini Katha: Star Performance Movie Review

Santosh Shoban is a charmer in his own way. There is a feeling of “one of us” in his behavior and that is what helps the most. The actor puts all the insecurities aside and becomes the boy who thinks he’s not tall enough in his pants. I hope he will continue to be so vulnerable in the choice of roles and that he evolves more as an actor. And a petition to have more Shoban dancing!

Sudarshan, who plays Santosh’s friend Darshan, is a comedic relief from the storyline and manages to do his job hilariously. Beware of a scene where there is a Sonu Sood reference. Brahmaji plays Shoban’s father and gets a meaty character to play with, and he doesn’t let us down. Kavya Thapar does as the script tells him to.

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Ek Mini Katha movie review: direction, music

The leadership by Karthik Rapolu is conscious and defined in the present times. The year is 2021 and it sets the mood for someone to speak directly to you in Ek Mini Katha. Santosh breaking the fourth wall lightly to explain his father’s gibberish, or Sonu Sood’s reference, are Easter eggs to catch and instantly connect everything to the real world.

What he lacks is giving a more layered universe to the connections Santosh makes outside of his family. Gokul Bharathi’s photography is a must see. He gets creative with the dance numbers and I’m so impressed with the choreography and the staging of the songs.

Praveen Lakkaraju’s music is perfect for the film, but the shelf life outside of this universe is questionable.

Ek Mini Katha: The Last Word Movie Review

This is a new subject that no one has touched on yet. A serious actor who makes sure not to let down people who have hope in him. But what he lacks is the plunge into the script and the preaching of it all. You can try.

Ek Mini Katha Trailer

Ek Mini Katha releases May 27, 2021.

Share with us your viewing experience Ek Mini Katha.

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