Selena Gomez is weak from lupus and fans burst into tears

Selena Gomez has made her fans cry by exposing in a video the damage that lupus has caused in her body.

A video circulates on social networks that has made Selena Gomez fans and the general public cry, since it shows the famous singer showing the damage that Lupus has left on her body, all this during the transmission of a episode of her cooking show on HBO MAX.

In mid-2015, Selena Gomez revealed in an interview for Billboard magazine that she had been diagnosed with Lupus, a disease of the immune system that attacks healthy cells and tissues by mistake, causing various parts of the body to be damaged.

This illness caused the American singer to have to retire from the stage for some time, as she wanted to dedicate time to herself to discover how to deal with the disease; years later her fans would enjoy her triumphant return to the world of music.

Selena Gomez video makes fans cry

A Twitter user shared a small excerpt from an episode of her cooking show in which Selena Gomez is seen apologizing to the audience for not being able to squeeze a lemon due to the Lupus she suffers, which has caused serious damage to her joints. her hands, something that caused a lot of impact among her fans.

“Sorry, my hands are very weak. I have Lupus… But that’s why I have dad ”, mentioned the singer while her grandfather helped her.

Selena Gomez fans did not hesitate to express their support through their social networks; Similarly, the user who shared this video on Twitter asked for a bit of compression for the singer on August 28, the date that her collaboration with BLACKPINK entitled ‘Ice Cream’ will be released, in case she does not stand out in the MV of the single .

“Selenators, we are going to make a promise. If Selena Gomez appears in the BLACKPINK video and she doesn’t dance the way we want her to, we will continue to respect her decision, because we now know that her immune system and body are weak due to Lupus. So please support her, ”the user wrote.

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